Lash Care Tips

Gentle Is Key

Gently remove lashes from case by pulling the tip of the lash band. Never tug on the individual mink hairs.

  Keep the Band Clean

Upon removal, hold the lash by the lash band with one hand and gently peel off the lash glue using tweezers.

Replace Lashes in Packaging

Storing your lashes in their original packaging ensures that they keep their shape and stay keep! 
Some natural shedding of mink hairs may occur over time, this is normal. With proper care, lashes can be worn multiple times.

Lash Removal Tips:

1. Apply oil-free make-up remover to a cotton ball or swab.
2. Using the saturated cotton, gently dab the make-up remover along the lash band to loosen the lash glue.
3. Once the lash glue begins to dissolve, remove your lash by pulling from the outer corner of the band.